Hotel Veri

Rruga Tercilio Kardniali, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania
+35569 209 8186

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Four-star luxury hotel that characterizes tradition, prestige and hospitality in a peaceful atmosphere. The hotel is ideally located just a few walking distance from Elefs Isufi Boulevard, and the attractive cultural and tourist attractions. We offer a unique mishele of Albanian hospitality and friendly service that makes the hotel an inspirational choice for business or leisure. The features of the accommodation are extremely smooth and spacious, providing a contemporary and affordable panorama of Peshkopi.

The North Hotel is defined as one of the best quality hotels in Peshkopi, and has conference rooms, local dasmashrestorant, and luxury accommodation The Hotel Veri has 50 rooms and professional conference facilities. It is the ideal location and hotel with the best bargain prices for fun activities in Peshkopi. Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, competitive prices, and friendly and qualified staff that will make your stay even more impressive.

Address: Rruga Tercilio Kardniali, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania

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