Pollogturist Tetovo Maecedonia

Rruga Ilindenit Tetovë Macedonia
+38970666048 / +41763345565

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Category: Agency

Pollog Turist cooperates with well known airline companies for flights to Dusseldorf, Rome, Brussels etc. Travelers who take the ticket to Pollog Turist will be able to travel to the Skopje airport

with the vans of the agency, while the travelers who make travel trips are also offered the possibility of obtaining the road security necessary for a smooth and trouble-free journey to the customs. For all those preparing for a trip, you can contact the agency for preliminary information. Pollog Tourist Agency is located on the Ilinden road in Tetovo no. 81 and also has its own counter at

Skopje Airport  Tickets for all destinations available for flights by plane, bus and ferry.Pollog Turist is a representative of the Swiss Air Company SWISS AIRDestination

Skopje – Zürich

Wednesday at 15:30

Friday at 19:00

Saturday at 12:00

o’clockSunday 10:20

pmZürich – Skopje

Wednesday at 12.30

Friday at 16:00

Saturday 09:00

Sunday at 7:00

For any information that has to do with your travels contact us

Pollog Turist Schweiz:

Hubstrasse 32

9500 Wil

Tel  +41 071 911 33 19

Fax +41 071 911 33 19

Rr. Ilindenit 83
1200 Tetovo

Tel  +389 044 33 66 46

Fax +389 044 35 06 46  tetova@pollogturist.ch

Address: Rruga Ilindenit Tetovë Macedonia

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World Mind Company

Adresa: Rruga Reshit Petrela, Usluga, 1A, 1/4, Tirane, Albania
tel:+355 67 53 33 532

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Category: Legal Consultancy


World Mind at its beginnings it is only taking care on the development of websites, APP smartphones and custom design (Website & Design) projects in the fields of tourism, health care, media and entertainment, education, production, online sales , according to the business style and service they offer. By serving customers, we have gained great trust as a service provider.


World Mind uses the programming technology like HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JQUERY, WORDPRESS, JOOMLA, MYSQL, SEO etc.
» Responsive Website Development

» Mobile Development

» Content Management System

» Sitecore Development

» Magento Development

» Drupal Development

» WebModulite Development

» WordPress Development



World Mind also builds mobile apps like Android and IOS, as well as web-design (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc) as Logo, Banner, Kataloge creation.
» Website Design

» Ecommerce Design

» Mobile Design

» Logo Design & Branding


Maintenance of social networks

Social networks are the channels of any business and they need to be as dynamic as possible to serve the business. World Mind maintains social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

Address: Rruga Reshit Petrela, Usluga, 1A, 1/4, Tirane, Albania

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Sigal Uniqa Group Dega Diber

Rruga Tercilio Kardinali, Peshkopi, Albania
+35569 205 6893

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Category: Agency, Shopping


All of these services are available at Branch Sigal Uniqa Group Debar, Peshkopi, Bllat, SGS of Peshkopia, Bulqizë.
Compulsory Car Insurance (TPL, Green Card or Border Police) is mandatory for the carriage inside or outside Albania. This category of insurance categories is in full compliance with the law “On compulsory insurance in the transport sector”.
Provision of TPL vehicle, Green Card and Border Police.
Property and Home Insurance In life, we want to give priority to the most important things: family, health, and the home we live in. We all know that life sometimes brings us unexpected and risks that can damage our property to home security is a necessity.
PRIVATE PENSION Monthly contribution contribution and monthly benefit by years of contribution In this product the years of payment of monthly contributions are equal to the years of benefit of the monthly pension

Health insurance Private is an opportunity to cover 100% of the financial costs that each individual has to bear in the event of an accident or sudden illness. SIGAL UNIQA offers individual and family insurance packages, which offer coverage of health examinations starting from the annual routine check-up; medical treatment in case of illness or accident, as well as pregnancy follow-up costs in private hospitals in and out of Albania.

Address: Rruga Tercilio Kardinali, Peshkopi, Albania

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08:00 - 20:00

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Agency Lleshi Travel

Bulevardi "Elez Isufi", Peshkopi, Albania
+35568 649 1946

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Kategoria: Tourist Agency

Lleshi Travel Agency is the leading agency in the Peshkopi town offering all-inclusive services. Our agency has its branch in Maqellare.
Our offices are open every day of the week from 9:00 to 21:00 so our customers receive info for everything they need.
Our services are related to everything related to tourism such as:

1. International airline reservations
2. Hotel reservations around the world
3. Buses Albania-Italy-Austria-Germany
4. Package with tourist guide

Health insurance!

Lleshi Travel is the only entity in the city of Peshkopi, offering the taxi service licensed by the Ministry.
Our taxi is at the service of its customers 24 hours every day of the week
Our motto is “Everywhere and Everywhere”, to offer the best.
We do not offer an ordinary trip, we choose the best way for your trip to be a pleasure.
We can certify every word we have witnessed to each of you who has traveled at least once with Lleshi Taxi.

Adress: Bulevardi “Elez Isufi”, Peshkopi, Albania

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09:00 - 21:00

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