Hotel Manga

LLIXHA, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania
0683775495 / 0686216764

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Hotel Bar Restaurant Manga has a comfortable space that the tourists frequented by thermal water courses besides the comfort that is adjacent to the main entrance to the source of the Baths offers the comfort of holidaymakers comfort with the nature of the space offered by Hotel Manga.

The Peshkopi gallins have a characteristic of these thermal waters: they originate from the gypsum formations of the Korab Mountain. There are two sulfur sources with a temperature of 35 – 43.5 degrees C and with a flow of 14 liters / sec. They have potassium and sulphate content. Their effects are related to respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis, reamautism, diabetes, skin diseases and gynecological problems. In addition to these sources, drinking water sources with positive health effects are found in Albania.
Peshkopi’s galleries are known as the most curative waters on the Balkans.

Address: LLIXHA, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania

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