Diber Albania

Business Description:

The Drini Feast is organized in accordance with the objectives of the Drini River
development of tourism in commune Muhurr and municipal development in general.
It is a festival that serves as a promoter of the idea for development.
This holiday will be on a day that will give you the starting idea
the holiday season, where from this day on the shore of the Drin River, are offered
vacation services.
Date 1 (one) July of each year will be the day of the Drin feast.
This celebration takes place on Saturday or Sunday near
dated July 1, due to mass participation as a holiday day.
There may be postponements of a rainy weather or rainy season
cold weather considering it’s the opening season of the season
Continued, depending on climate conditions, there will be movement
date of development of this activity
Admistrate of commune Muhurr is the main actor who coordinates to
all the actions for the organization of the Drini feast.
Duties for organizing the day “Drini Feast”.
1. Prepare a banner with the script “Welcome to Muhurr” and
Welcome in Muhurr “which is placed in the most visible place in us
2. Prepare and distribute invitations, make announcements in the media
writing and local electronics.
3. Fast-food merchants and other grocery stores are contacted,
offering outpatient services. Also contacted
transport drivers of transport passengers from Peshkopia to
4. Prepare the ground where the activity will develop by improvising
scenes according to economic possibilities, as well as adjustment and cleaning
beach surface.
5. Provision of phonetics.
6. Participate singer, dancer, humorist who plays live.
7. Teams for development of sports games such as Football, Volleyball,
Not etc.
8. People play games development teams such as rope pull,
Dibranca fortress, arm thinning, etc.
9. The Circus of the Bishop is present.
10. A corner is established for the affirmation and sale of domestic products.
11. Lunch arrangements for the guests.
12. An official notification is made to the police for maintaining order and security


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