Bar-Piceri-Restorant QENDRA

Shëtitorja "Elez Isufi", përballë Pallatit të Kulturës, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania
+35568 575 7676

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Category: Bar, Pizzeria, Restaurant

Bar-Pizzeria-Restaurant “QENDRA” is located in the center of Elez Isufi Boulevard, opposite the Peshkopi Culture Palace.

A restaurant that I can not substitute with anywhere else!
Quality service, delicious food, and a wonderful staff.
Bar-Pizzeria-Restaurant “QENDRA” offers the best specialties of traditional cuisine as well as pizzas of different types, the highest quality of cooking.

Well-cooked and loving cooks from our exquisite cuisine are accompanied by the best drinks.

For this Bar-Pizzeria-Restaurant “QENDRA” has been thinking about creating a Bar full of different drinks, sweets etc …

Address: Shëtitorja “Elez Isufi”, përballë Pallatit të Kulturës, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania

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07:00 - 23:00

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