Bar Pasticeri Roi

Rruga Nazmi Rushiti, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania
+35568 337 3333

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The idea to create such a business was born as a few years of experience working in some of the most popular pastries and overseas and knowing closely the skill of preparing cakes and turning it into a real art.
Building a bridge by just starting a stone is very difficult but not impossible. Within a few years Bar Pasticeri Roi has become one of the most popular and modern in the dessert and confectionery market in the city of Peshkopi.

For the realization of this project it was necessary to help the close people who with their professionalism have managed to maintain a high level of quality of products, service and maintaining a high level of satisfaction in our clients. Where we create a variety of sweets of all traditional and creative types that we serve our customers.

The ideal place where you can start your day with the right kindness, the service and the products you find here are the fulfillment of the requests that the citizens of Peshkopi have long waited for. Come to Roi because we will offer you correctness and quality in service.

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Address: Rruga Nazmi Rushiti, Peshkopia, Dibër, Albania

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