Andi’s Pizza Peshkopi

Bulevardi Elez Isufi, Peshkopi, Dibër, Albania
0683237102, 0699874007

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Category: Pizzeria, Fast Food

Andi’s Pizza serves a variety of pizzas like: Family Pizza, Pizza Normal (Sauce, mozzarella, red peppers, green, mushrooms, salami or spicy sausage, coto ham, raw bacon, grana, vegetarian) etc.
A rich menu combining the harmony of traditional Turkish and Albanian cuisine. In our fast food, you can enjoy various specialties specially prepared for you.
The Andi’s Pizza products are delicious, healthy, fresh, controlled and 100% halal.
We make Taxi service at 0683237102

Address: Bulevardi Elez Isufi, Peshkopi, Dibër, Albania

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08:00 - 21:00

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